AVD Helps Global Telecom’s Virtual Conference

When a large telecom client required cross-platform integration expertise to help facilitate a virtual conference on an international scale, AVD made it happen. 

The webcast event needed to pull in and coordinate a number of live-streamed and pre-recorded remote presenters, a game show component, as well as several A-list celebrities who would entertain more than 800 meeting participants upon the completion of a department-wide, global volunteer outreach. 

The three-part, three-hour, live-streamed event included the following video requirements:

  • Customizing AVD’s live webcasting platform to accommodate the client’s proprietary video conferencing application;
  • Combining 1080p high-definition streaming and a live in-studio web gaming application. 
  • Preparing, training, and rehearsing remote presenters and celebrities, many of whom needed AVD’s assistance and componentry to scale up their technical broadcast capabilities for the live event. 

Audio Visual Live Platform Compatibility: turning on a dime is an AVD specialty.

AVD’s Live platform is our primary webcasting tool, to which we are constantly adding new capabilities and can quickly customize and scale with a menu of modules to meet our clients’ virtual meeting needs. 

Weeks into the project, our client requested that we utilize their in-house webcasting platform. This left us with little time to incorporate it into our platform so that we could pull together all of the components of the event into one seamless production.

In a matter of weeks, AVD created a customized platform for them, including fully animated webpages that streamlined their user experience to make it easier for audience members to participate and engage. 

When working with AVD, clients take comfort in knowing that behind the scenes, our single-link platform has a fully redundant cellular bonded backup and pushes out 1080p high definition casting to an unlimited number of attendees. Additionally, we provide peace of mind to our meeting planner clients with fiber backup and a backup generator. Every base is covered from an execution perspective and an infrastructure perspective. 

AVD’s Law: What can go wrong, won’t go wrong.

When it comes to overcoming AV challenges for virtual events during the pandemic, one thing that is clear from the get-go is that not everyone’s home setups are created equal. This poses many challenges when preparing presenters because everyone must look and sound clear from the best equipped to the least equipped, so messaging takes center stage.  

When working with remote presenters, AVD surveys their equipment to see if it’s up to the task. Where remote setups come up short, we provide them with “presenter support packages,” including everything they need to make their presentations in the most professional manner. 

As an example, upon presenters receiving the package, the instructions help them with the installation. Afterward, AVD technicians set up a call to gain remote access to their systems to configure the software, so it’s ready to go. We will also provide them with the hardware they need to broadcast as well as lighting and green screens when needed. If live teleprompting is required, we can provide that too. The result of this hands-on care is presenters who are well equipped and ready to participate in rehearsals so that all programming for the streaming event is the absolute highest quality available, anywhere. 

For every event we produce, we rehearse several times beforehand until all presenters and stakeholders are comfortable. This also applies to those times when it’s challenging to pull together rehearsals, such as when we need to get A-list celebrities, CEOs, presidents, and internet superstars all on the same page.

See why corporate meeting planners choose AVD as their AV partner.

An important local, regional, or national conference or meeting is no time to cast your lot with an AV partner who hasn’t seen it all. For over 50 years, AVD has been the AV provider of some of the world’s most recognizable companies. They know they can trust us for flawless productions, state-of-the-art technology, and superior planning capabilities for events such as sales meetings, training sessions, product launches, annual conferences, company award shows, specialty events and so much more

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