Corporate Sales Meeting AV, Lighting and Set Design

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Corporate sales meeting, from district to regional to national, must energize and excite your teams to deliver new products, drive your strategic priorities, and ultimately bring in revenue. They must be memorable and motivational so that your sales team is excited to hit the field with one common purpose and mission.

Audio Visual Dynamics (AVD) has mastered the art of professional audio and video productions, lighting, and set design to support sales meetings of every scope. From large theater-size rooms and ballrooms to breakout rooms and broadcasting to remote locations, AVD productions can be as scalable and flexible as you need them to be. We possess the production know-how and the technical expertise to turn every venue into a showplace for your organization.

AVD has successfully pivoted during this unprecedented time to provide corporate clients with virtual sales meeting support and platform management. If your sales meeting needs a partner with the knowledge and insight to make sales meetings great, coupled with the technology to securely and flawlessly execute virtual conferences and meetings, then AVD should be your first choice.

We are uniquely positioned to seamlessly align to the hybrid meeting needs (combination of virtual and in-person) that are anticipated in the future.

A Great Corporate Sales Meeting Starts with Detailed Event Planning

When planning an important sales meeting, you want an audio-visual production and design partner on your side. AVD is all about exploring new production innovations and creative possibilities that will help crystallize your message into a mainspring that drives your team forward.

For the optimal outcome, AVD gets involved in the very earliest stages of pre-planning. We help you strategize everything from site visits to striking the right balance in creative planning. Then we bring your vision to life in advance with three-dimensional renderings and computer-aided design showing you a host of different options. This ensures that what you’re trying to accomplish aligns with the accommodations of the room, the size of the audience, and any broadcasting capabilities that might be needed to share your messaging far and wide.

With AVD, attention to detail is in in our DNA and woven throughout every step of the process. Through planning, pre-production, and execution we ensure that any unforeseen issue that may arise is quickly amended and seamlessly resolved. Nothing is missed, including technology mapping that lays out the schematics of every room that will be involved in your presentations, so that every member of our team and yours knows how and where everything will connect.

Sales Meeting Event Production Experts You Can Count On

The AVD production team is made up of highly qualified technicians who average nearly 20 years of experience in audio, video, lighting, set design, and customer service. We provide talented crew members to manage every room of your sales meeting from the grand ballroom to breakout rooms. No matter the scope of your event, from national to district, AVD has a track record of success that stands alone.

Our focus on event preparation and execution is unsurpassed:

  • With the right people and the right equipment, AVD can ensure your sales meeting is flawlessly executed
  • Know what you’re getting in advance: our 3D renderings, computer-aided design, site visits, and technology mapping leave the guess work behind.
  • Pristine audio and razor sharp video imagery are hallmarks of AVD-produced sales meetings
  • Our company-owned technology and equipment is leading edge, and fortified by redundant systems for peace of mind. Contingency plans are ready to go.
  • Once on-site your event is well rehearsed, set up to perfection, and all systems go before going live.

Trust Your Sales Meetings and AV Needs to the Pros at AVD

When you’re planning important corporate events such as an annual sales meeting you can’t afford to take chances. AVD has more than 50 years of experience providing audio, video, lighting, and set design for companies of every size—from Fortune 50 multinationals to smaller and mid-size companies on the fast track to growth.

No matter how far along you are in the planning or production stages, AVD can help. Call (973) 993-8500 or fill out our contact from below.

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