Hybrid Meeting AV Support

Hybrid Meeting Options for all Corporate Meeting & Events

Like many other aspects of business life that have been redefined post-COVID, corporate meetings, conferences, and company events require a flexible, new approach. To meet this need, AVD has widened the field for our clients and meeting participants in a big way. Now, whether presenters and attendees are in person, fully remote, partially remote, or even potentially remote, our capacity to exceed our clients’ event needs have never been greater.

Maximum event participation returns

If you’re planning a sales meeting, product launch, advisory board meeting, awards show, or company-wide destination event, you know nothing can surpass the level of engagement of in-person participation. However, weather, travel issues, unforeseen circumstances, and busy schedules can conspire to keep some from attending. With AVD’s “remote-ready” hybrid capabilities, there is no longer any reason for invitees to miss an important event.

Fully secure platforms keep your information safe

AVD’s experience and knowledge of the tools and technologies that help corporate meeting planners succeed is integral. Managing corporate events requires sophisticated technical audiovisual capabilities and a dedicated team of professionals that are highly flexible. This includes a level of attention to detail when it comes to security. We take every measure to ensure that our clients’ most sensitive IP and trade secrets remain well protected before, during, and after events.

Breakouts: From one room to many and back

Many meetings require bringing everyone together but also having smaller breakout sessions. AVD can create a fully-hybrid ballroom with seamless transitions to multiple hybrid breakout rooms, and then back again.

Working with your platform of choice, AVD can provide various collaborative tools such as whiteboard and live chat to engage all attendees in your hybrid sessions. Group problem solving, team building, and socializing can all happen in a hybrid environment.

AVD can seamlessly blend in-person and remote participants no matter how disparate their locations, or how complex the production requirements.

Hybrid Flexibility: Total A/V Support for a Live Event Experience

Putting state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to work for our clients is a key part of the hard assets we bring to every client project. But that’s not where our support ends.

We are keen on details and rehearsals so that speakers and panelists are prepared and present in the most professional light to their audiences. AVD makes sure that every participant is fully prepped in advance whether they are on-site or via our virtual greenroom.

  • AVD producers coach speakers, test sound levels, and adjust lighting for more consistent balance.
  • Remote speakers are tech-checked in advance for hardware and software and prepped in our virtual greenroom.
  • Our robotic camera operator covers reverse angle studio audience shots so that audience faces – not the backs of their heads – are projected on the monitors and in the Zoom
  • Utilizing multiple cameras, we instruct audiences on how to engage with speakers, work with microphones, and where to look for cameras for more connected Q&As, etc.
  • Widespread access to microphones means less time is wasted running them back and forth, allowing for a fluid dialogue between panelists and audience members.
  • Remote attendee technical support is always just a click away. If there are any issues connecting, or computer problems, we can quickly troubleshoot and resolve.
  • AVD can provide presenter kits with pre configured laptops. Remote access software enables us to take control and make sure everything is ready to go.
  • Local presenters can access AVD’s professional studios for a customizable, professional studio experience.

Put your next event in the hands of AV professionals you can trust.

From entrance to exit, and every audiovisual touchpoint in between, AVD’s experienced production teams help manage in-person, hybrid and fully remote conferences, meetings, and more. We’ll help keep your programs moving and your audiences engaged.

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