Exceptional Video for Corporate Events

The power of video imagery scaled to every audience

When executed well, video presentations at a corporate conference, sales meeting, product launch, or specialty event can have instant impact.

Increased projection brightness, higher resolution displays, and lower pixel pitch LED walls are all components that will elevate the visual experience. However, the key to making video look great is in knowing how to calculate the impact that other lighting in the room will have on the brightness of the video display.

Video productions that help drive your business meeting or conference:

  • Live webcasts and webinars
  • Training videos
  • Guest speakers
  • Online video libraries, such as Vimeo and YouTube
  • New product introductions
  • Promotional messaging and commercials
  • Speaker presentations
  • IMAG
  • Media Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Storyboarding
  • Company award shows
  • and more

The video engineers and lighting designers at AVD collaborate to make your video productions look their very best in every lighting condition—whether stage lights are focused on a single presenter, or the room lights are elevated for a working session.

If we’re using digital projection, we know we need sufficient brightness to compete with stage and scenic lighting along with the appropriate screen size to ensure visibility throughout the room. With LED walls those lighting concerns are eliminated, or significantly reduced, even if house lights are on at 100%. The brightness of an LED wall may at times be the best option to ensure optimal image reproduction for attendees. Consequently, LED wall size scalability, resolution, and pixel pitch are important factors to making sure screen size meets the needs for all attendees. AVD can design and supply the right video display for every installation.

Curved LED walls create an immersive video experience

For larger audiences and rooms, a super-sized LED wall that is 40–80 feet wide is impressive. What’s more remarkable is when that wall is curved and the audience is treated to an immersive video experience. AVD has installed many curved LED walls which all have received exuberant client reviews.

Video immersion can be achieved on a smaller scale as well. Today’s super crisp and powerful monitors display video that is crystal clear, no matter the size of their screen displays. From smaller breakout rooms where floor area is at a premium, to workshops where each table needs a local display, and even meeting rooms requiring 90-inch monitors, AVD can make your video presentations look outstanding for every size audience and session type.

“The AVD team handled lots of last minute changes to content and agenda, late presenters, and even a request to find and download a video while a person was presenting. Even with all of those curve balls, the event went perfectly. Thanks so much for an awesome job.”

Video content honed to perfection

Corporate events such as award banquets or new product launches are important events on your company’s meeting calendar. At AVD, we make sure your content is perfect before showcasing it to your audience. We work with presenters, producers, and corporate AV departments to enhance content in order to provide the most impact and readability for your viewers.

Furthermore, unless intended, we never want to see a dark stage or blank screen where nothing is happening. That’s why we create video and lighting transitions to retain audience engagement and energy. These elements build a bridge between presentations so that your corporate meeting runs seamlessly, beginning to end.

Put our video production expertise to work for you

A picture is worth a thousand words. When done to perfection, enhanced imagery can carry your message to your intended audience in ways far superior to other modes of communication. Ask the professionals at AVD about our video capabilities and our creative installations. We’ll help bring your company’s next live or virtual event to life. To learn more, call (973) 993-8500 or fill out our contact from below.

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