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Whether your corporate meeting is taking place in a large ballroom, or smaller  breakout rooms, Audio Visual Dynamics has the technology, knowledge and the tradition of excellence to craft the highest level of audio performance to every seat in the house.

State-of-the-Art Sound Equipment and Exceptional Audio Engineering

AVD’s creative sound designers and skilled sound technicians utilize computer-system design tools to predict accurate audio coverage patterns before setting foot in a venue. Then we ship, assemble, and operate our systems minimizing set up, so you have more time to rehearse your presentation. Also, all of our gear and electronics are tested meticulously by our in-house technicians to maintain the highest level of quality control before deployment.

AVD has the audio systems needed to provide sound reinforcement to all size and venue configurations. And unlike other AV suppliers, we own over 90% of our equipment.

  • 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse and testing facility with professional-grade audio technology and equipment.
  • Talented, experienced audio tech support minimizes equipment problems.
  • Our team is well-versed in audio mixing, recording, and podcasting
  • Our AVD sound engineers have a wide range of diverse experience from famous concert halls, live broadcast award shows, national live entertainment, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Backup equipment is always on hand at your event site, at no charge if not used.

Reaching Every Ear in Unison

Sound travels. And in big rooms, there are audio challenges that only the most experienced audio technicians can demystify. AVD takes great pride in our ability to distribute sound evenly throughout event spaces.

When supplemental audio is required due to size and coverage, we often deploy delay speakers. Audio time alignment is necessary from speaker to speaker over distance, so we utilize digital delay processing to align the audio. The sound wave has to arrive from the main arrays and delays simultaneously to achieve intelligibility and clarity.

To ensure flawless production, our team members are in constant communication with each other. AVD utilizes Clear-Com for all our on-site and even off-site phone bridge communication needs. Whether wirelessly or fixed position, your presenters communicate with the audience, and the crew communicates via com headsets. The AVD team stays interconnected so the stage manager can call cues to align videos, audio and lighting cue’s, VOG’s, or any time-sensitive event cue that is required.

The result is a better listening experience for everyone, with your message delivered the way it was intended to be.

Real-time Audio Adjustments: Virtual, Live, Prerecorded, or All of the Above

In addition to your live event presenters, you might have off-site attendee’s joining in, or a video to show, or even a performer or band might be added to keep the excitement level sky-high. In every situation, AVD’s network-based audio systems can make the calculated accommodations to maintain and balance the highest quality audio throughout the room.

The Right Mic for Every Situation

AVD features state-of-the-art digital wireless microphone systems as well as professional-grade analog mics to suit every budget. Before arriving at the venue or going on-site, at our testing facility, we analyze and perform radiofrequency coordination for every event based on microphone count needs and city location. We then coordinate our frequencies allocation report directly with the venue so that we do not use their frequencies, and they are not using ours. This prevents inner modulation or interference on-site.

From 10 to 100 mics or more, every frequency detail is addressed to ensure interference-free operation.

Presenter Rehearsals for a Perfect Corporate Event

Not everyone is an experienced or accomplished speaker. Because we’ve done such extensive preparation before we arrive at the venue, there’s always ample time for presenters to rehearse.

  • We’ll practice with your presenters, so they become familiar with presenting on stage.
  • We’ll advise them on how to operate and work with their equipment.
  • We’ll coach them and help them relax so they can make their best presentation.

We never make a client adjust to us. Instead, we adapt to the client and make the necessary level changes so that each presenter can be heard loud and clear. Our audio technicians have worked with talent in venues worldwide and on tour with major acts. The skill they bring to our clients’ presentations makes an enormous difference in helping each presenter be confident that their sound will be the very best.

Connect with AVD.  We’ll ensure your audio is on the right track.

Providing professional-grade audio for a major meeting or conference is a challenge not to be left in less experienced hands. For over 50 years, AVD has been servicing corporate clients, in many industries, connect with their audiences via pristine audio production design and execution.

Count on AVD to help you communicate your messages clearly.

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