Custom Lighting and Set Design for Corporate Events

Part of creating a live or virtual corporate event or meeting that stands out is lighting and set design that captures the benefits of your brand, while supporting your message in a clear and impactful way.

AVD’s team are lighting and set design experts. For over 50 years we’ve helped Fortune 500 corporate meeting planners produce attention-grabbing events with creative design and planning that is backed by our world-class production capabilities.

Maximizing event budgets for every venue

From small conference centers to the largest ballrooms and event spaces, originality is the driving force in the design and planning expertise that we bring to our clients’ projects. Regardless of the budget scope, AVD applies the same expertise to every lighting, set, and scenic design. Our focus is on reflecting the best of your brand with a lighting and scenic design that provides a stunning platform so your presenters and presentations can shine.

AVD tackles the toughest set design and lighting challenges

Indoors or outside, experienced lighting design and set planning is the only way to stage a venue to maximum effect. AVD applies the same expertise to every set design, lighting, and draping installation. We creatively challenge expectations and bring energy and excitement into the meeting space. Our designs allow flexibility to alter the “look and feel” of the meeting space on a daily or even hourly basis.

For example, spaces can be lit for a leadership session, with corporate colors and meeting theme messaging, and then instantly be transformed to host marketing sessions emphasizing products, branding, and sales messaging. Later, the same space can host a prestigious evening awards event, or an exciting themed party celebrating organizational accomplishments. Our planning, design philosophy, and experienced crew can accomplish the unimaginable:

  • Theatre seating
  • In-the-round productions
  • Banquets
  • Auditorium
  • Classroom
  • Award Shows
  • On location destinations
  • Workshops, breakout rooms, and more

Offering the latest lighting technology, including LED and more

As costs for LED technology and deployment have come down, corporate meeting planners now have more dramatic lighting tools available to them to make the splash they’re looking for while hewing to budgets. From LED walls that span the full width of a stage and more, to poster-size LED panels with their own programmed messaging and creative lighting design, impressive technology has never been so accessible to help drive your message home.

“I have received several emails and phone calls from reps stating that this was the best meeting they have ever been to. The atmosphere and feeling that was created was exactly what we needed. I appreciated AVD’s ability to work with diverse personalities and experience levels to ensure the main stage activities went well.”

Change the color or mood of a room in an instant.

In addition to providing an endless palette of branded messaging, theme possibilities, and scenic shifts, LED lighting is more energy efficient and offers a longer life span and lower operational costs. This means that you will get a greater impact over conventional lighting but with decreased venue power costs, which can help your AV budget. AVD lighting engineers and set designers apply the magic of their craft to every lighting installation, including:

  • Intelligent lighting
  • Down lighting
  • Up lighting
  • Gobo Lighting
  • Pixel tube lighting
  • Spot lighting
  • Wash lighting
  • and more

Virtual conferences

Lighting design for live and remote sets

Increasingly, the future of corporate conferences and meetings promises to have both in-person and remote presentation modules. Combining the two in the most seamless way possible requires a high-level of expertise, significant technical knowledge, and superior production capabilities.

Whether your event calls for presenters broadcasting from multiple locations, or one or more presenting remotely in front of green screen backgrounds, we take every measure to ensure that all presenters are framed cohesively in respect to your brand guidelines—and we support each presenter as if we were on location with them.

Great set design is a team effort

It can take many event partners to produce a corporate event. AVD regularly works with our clients’ internal production teams and their business partners to bring each client’s vision to life. We bring our experience to every aspect of the planning process to ensure our client is getting the very best production elements, scene and lighting designs, and equipment needed to complete their vision. The total environment is truly coordinated in a way that speaks to a common purpose.

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When you have an important message or new product introduction to share with your company managers, employees, partners and other key players, it’s best to put your trust in a company that has produced memorable corporate conferences and meetings for some of the world’s best-known companies. For your lighting and set design requirements, as well as all of your conference production needs, contact AVD today at (973) 993-8500 or fill out our contact from below.

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