Audiovisual Services for all Types of Corporate Events

Expertly produced AV services for sales meetings, trade shows, advisory boards, and corporate ceremonies

Corporate meeting planners now have more production options when planning for company-wide or regional events. AVD’s exemplary audio and video production capabilities are fully scalable and can be configured to accommodate every event scenario—whether in-person or virtual, or a combination of the two. From assisting your team in conceptualizing a theme to helping you maximize the user experience for every step of the event agenda, AVD is your go-to resource for the best in-person and virtual corporate AV production services.

We know how you feel: Nothing can replace the excitement and engagement of a live, in-person event. For over 50 years AVD has set the pace in live AV event production for sales meetings, training programs, and conferences in support of many leading corporate clients. But the need continues to arise to be flexible and creative when planning events of every type virtually: from sales meetings and trade shows, to award shows and other special events.

By applying our professional production and technical know-how to the virtual space, AVD has fully demonstrated our capabilities by helping corporate planners and trade show producers welcome their attendees to an equal measure of event immersion. We can do the same for you. Whether you’re planning to assemble hundreds or thousands of team members on location, or they’re remaining in place and joining in from their homes, AVD has the planning experience, production facilities, advanced AV technology, and a team of proven experts to make your next event a huge success.

Corporate Event Services

Corporate sales meetingCorporate Sales Meetings

You want your important corporate meetings and events to be the vanguard of your organization’s most important initiatives. AVD brings to bear all of our audio and video technology, lighting, and design skills to ensure that your event delivers your message in the most engaging way possible. In-person or virtually.


Advisory board meetingAdvisory Board Meetings

Advisory boards and medical congresses play a big role in fine-tuning your products on their way to market. AVD specializes in deploying our finely tuned AV production assets and superior execution capabilities so that your advisors can securely and effectively communicate no matter if they’re gathered together in the same conference room, or attending virtually from around the country.


Trade showTrade Shows

How can you maximize the impact of your trade show booth or the flow and production of your virtual conference or event? AVD’s audio and video planning experts will not only give your booth a bigger bang for the buck, but when it comes to events in a virtual setting, we can funnel your remote attendees wherever they need to be via virtual networking rooms and real-time interactions, and much more.


Award & Recognition Ceremonies

Recognizing high performers is critical to driving morale, boosting productivity, and inspiring aspirational goal setting. To meet the moment, you need professional set design, stage lighting, and pristine audio and video to bring your recognition ceremonies to life. Whether you need to quickly convene your ceremony within a larger, live in-person event, or your plan is to go fully virtual, AVD can deliver the flawless production you require to empower your brand, build pride, and amplify enthusiasm.



"I have received several emails and phone calls from reps stating that this was the best meeting they have ever been to. The atmosphere and feeling that was created was exactly what we needed. I appreciated AVD’s ability to work with diverse personalities and experience levels to ensure the main stage activities went well."
"When AVD is present we know everything is being handled efficiently and professionally."
"To say that AVD came through is an understatement. The venue was very complicated and everything worked seamlessly. AVD has a great team who truly get this stuff…they were open and honest on what would work."

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