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Advisory Board Meetings. In-person or virtual.

If information-sensitive Advisory Board Meetings play a critical role in your product development, marketing strategies, product training and more, you should begin a discussion with AVD. We know that security and confidentiality are a must at all times when sensitive, product-focused topics are being discussed. Nowadays, equally important is the flexibility to adjust to any meeting platform, from in-person on-site and hybrid to full virtual. No matter the platform and scenario, AVD delivers.

AVD’s technical expertise is only the beginning.

We have more than 50 years’ experience providing 360° audio and video services of every imaginable scale to Fortune 500 clients in highly proprietary industries, including pharmaceuticals. When you work with AVD, you have a team of AV professionals dedicated to your organization and committed to the confidentiality of your product innovations.

When bringing together experts from near and far in a virtual space, there is no place for disruptions or poor audio and video quality. AVD plans for every scenario and makes adjustments to ensure that every presenter and advisory board participant is seen, heard and accommodated with little to no effort on their part. And when we need to make adjustments on the fly, you can be sure that your AV technicians can handle it seamlessly.

  • Virtual meeting platform agnostic – We work with any video conferencing platform, Adobe Connect to Zoom and everything in between.
  • Pristine recording – When you need to record for notes or transcriptions, clarity and confidentiality are our priorities.
  • Interactive auto-mic system – Eliminates frustrating “talk-overs” by focusing on one speaker at a time.
  • Union rules savvy – When it comes to unions at hotels and conference centers, we know the ropes so you don’t have to.
  • Secure logins – Ensure the identity of virtual participants when needed and grant permissions.
  • Content integration – Combine live and pre-recorded content into a seamless presentation.
  • Rehearsal – Whether you are prepping for an advisory board meeting or mock meetings for government agency approvals, practice makes perfect.

An advisory board presenting a deck virtually

AV planning for your Advisory Board Meetings, on-site and virtual.

With AVD, you’ll know up front how your meeting will come together organizationally and technically. Whether we provide CAD layouts for your meeting room, or advance plan for virtual participants, everything you need to know about the set up will be discussed and designed in advance to ensure a perfect production.

AVD’s AV technicians are the finest in the business, and are with you every step of the way. You can have confidence that your audio, projection equipment, and video feeds and conferencing will perform flawlessly without interruptions. For conference room settings, our microphones are top of the line and our sound systems and video monitors are size-adjusted to ensure that audio and video clarity are consistent throughout every part of every size room.

We tackle every step of your product life cycle.

We get to know our clients’ businesses. In fact, one of our largest clients has counted on AVD for their AV production needs for over 50 years. We can help your organization with every aspect of your presentation needs, whether that means training sessions at a distant location, sales meetings in large cities coast to coast, virtual conferences, product introductions, or company-wide celebrations with remote multi-location venues. Whatever the scope of your meeting or presentation, AVD will help your organization shine.

Contact AVD for clearly better AV presentations.

When it comes to superb execution of Advisory Board Meetings, the audio visual experts at AVD know the technology and AV engineering better than anyone else. We’ll help you bring your presenters and participants together on site or virtually for a substantive, glitch-free meeting that will help drive your product forward.

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