AV Support for Conferences and Trade Shows

Today’s dynamic conference formats demand having an expert audio video production partner that has the experience to meet the challenges posed by rapidly changing technology and conference formats.

From live to fully virtual, including every imaginable hybrid configuration in between, Audio Visual Dynamics has the design, planning and programming expertise, as well as the cutting-edge AV technology, to help you bring show-stopping presentations to every conference and meeting scenario. We can help make your important sales and marketing messages resonate, whether your audience is assembled in the same room, or spread out individually across the country.

Showcasing your products at a trade show in the most innovative ways possible.

When it comes to trade shows, AVD can help you make the most of your booth footprint with superior AV installations and design assistance. When you introduce a new product to the market, everything has to be perfect and that includes your booth and presentation. Managing the logistics, and the build and mechanics of these structures can be challenging especially when traveling on an aggressive tradeshow schedule. By working with AVD, a large part of your burden will be alleviated. We pay great attention to detail so that your team can focus on giving your products and prospects the attention they deserve.

With AVD, you have endless audio and video possibilities to call on:

Full-service Support for Virtual Events

AVD has taken the lead in virtual conference and trade show AV production capabilities. We bring real-time features to virtual events that engage, inform and captivate event attendees. Via user-friendly point-and-click functionality, we can open up a virtual conference space to include everything a live event would have: from registration and greeting to funneling attendees to main event rooms, and then seamlessly redirecting flow to virtual breakout rooms where smaller groups can connect.

Just like at an in-person medical congress or trade show, AVD’s advanced virtual production capabilities allow clients to share:

  • Live or pre-recorded broadcast presentations and specific video demos
  • Downloadable materials to keep everyone informed and on schedule
  • Virtual networking rooms where in-person and remote attendees can interact and chat with a product specialist, or one another
  • Real-time interaction with attendees through surveys, Q&A chats, and polling
  • Virtual professional networking and after-event party themes

After the event has concluded, AVD can provide robust data points from the event so your team can track key metrics; such as who attended for how long and where they visited, and contact information for guests who expressed interest in learning more.

AV design for conferences and tradeshows that stands out.

With the virtually unlimited capabilities of today’s audio and video technologies, it’s important to have someone alongside you in the design phase who knows AV installations inside and out. AVD brings technical expertise and creative vision to every project we help design. If you want to stop people in their tracks, our impressive AV installations will support and showcase your products to their fullest effect.

Whether we are assisting you or your design team in the planning phase, or simply supplying and managing the AV components that will bring your exhibit space booth to life, AVD can make your job easier in every imaginable way.

  • Design excellence from floor to ceiling
  • AV installations to suit every booth configuration; from one-on-one spaces to theater seating
  • State-of-the-art audio and video componentry with total redundancy

AVD knows the ropes.

AVD has been helping our clients with their trade show and conference needs for over 50 years. Few other AV production companies can claim the depth of experience and level of trust we have built with venues and local venue contracted support.

Most importantly, AVD can take the burden off you by acting as your liaison between tradesmen, contractors and your team. We can help ensure that everything you’ve planned and prepared for your booth is in alignment with the venue’s restrictions as well as the venue contracted support. Acting in a supervisory role at the venue, we’ll help make sure that your AV components get unloaded in a careful and timely manner, transported through the venue, and then installed and properly powered and wired so that your team can showcase your product without a hitch. When the show’s over, we can help supervise break down of the equipment so that everything is packed and ready to be shipped to the next live event.

Trust AVD for your conference and tradeshow event production

Let’s discuss your next conference, medical congress or trade show, whether it’s in-person, hybrid or virtual, and how we can apply AV solutions that can make a big difference. We can shine a spotlight on your products like few other AV production companies can.

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