Specialty AV Services for Corporate Award Ceremonies

Corporate Recognition Ceremony Event Production

AVD are specialists in planning and executing creative audio and video solutions for one-of-a-kind live in-person, hybrid or full virtual corporate events. We can make any specialty event theme or party concept come alive for your organization and attendees, whether the event needs to be seamlessly integrated within your general session, your event venue, or as stand-alone at a separate location.

When it comes to energizing a theme to support important events, AVD delivers with jaw-dropping audio and video production capabilities. Corporate meeting planners count on AVD for creative planning expertise, professional lighting and stage design, live venue or virtual room décor and layout consultation, and much more.

For important corporate events such as annual top-producers’ award shows, recognition ceremonies, and other festive corporate occasions, AVD’s scene-stealing production values give corporate meeting planners wide latitude to dream up creative themes.

We provide all of the elements that can assure your event’s success:

  • Full state-of-the-art AV capabilities
  • Creative event planning
  • Broadcast capabilities
  • Live, hybrid and virtual events
  • Lighting and set design
  • Theme execution at every touchpoint
  • Maximize room functionality
  • Professional video tributes
  • Fast room breakdowns and setups, venue-wide consistency

Reward Your Team for Their Hard Work with a Corporate Recognition Ceremony

Motivating employees to become fully enthused and engaged in your company’s mission and its performance means more than compensation. People like to be recognized for their hard work and successes. Giving special recognition to the top performers who help drive your business forward is meaningful to them, their families, and their co-workers.

Whether your live or virtual event’s main agenda includes an awards component within it, or if the special presentations are planned for a separate time and place, AVD can make either scenario work flawlessly so that you can keep everyone engaged and excited.

By striking the right balance with stylistically perfect AV production, AVD is the bridge between information and entertainment. We can help you keep award winners past, present and future dialed in to your awards show and motivated to achieve their own well-earned accolades in the coming year.

The Best Award Shows are Produced by AVD

Whether you’re planning for a national or regional awards ceremony or company-wide gala, connect with AVD and let us help you raise your event to new heights and great praise. To connect, complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

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