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Seamless AV Support for Frequent Virtual Sales Meetings

Seamless AV Support for Frequent Virtual Sales Meetings

After one of our international pharmaceutical clients produced several virtual sales meetings in house, with lackluster results, they turned to AVD to take over production so they could focus on their content and deliver their messages with greater precision and efficiency. 

Our client was initially working with an older virtual meeting platform that lacked the robust capabilities they required to communicate seamlessly to their brand teams. Even with switching to a more popular modern platform, they discovered greater functionality but even more technical production entanglements than they had anticipated. 

Their frequent sales meetings are truly complex to produce and need to accommodate anywhere from 500 to 1200 virtual attendees, all arriving simultaneously. For AVD, the scale of a sophisticated production challenge like this one is right in our wheel house. 

AVD adds greater capability to internal production teams.

While our client’s in-house production team is among the best in the business, our client required an added depth of technical knowledge that only AVD can provide, particularly when it comes to large-scale virtual productions. (The kind we do practically on a daily basis.) Their initial hope was that by switching to the more modern cloud-based platform, it would help fix the issues they were having with the older platform. But they were unable to achieve the full measure of features they needed to connect with and manage attendees, and that is precisely what AVD was called in to provide.

AVD Live: A scalable AV tool for virtual sales meetings, corporate events & more.

For this particular client, sales meetings happen on a regular basis and involve multiple brands requiring not only a general session but multiple breakout rooms to accommodate each brand team. 

Using our multilayered and scalable AVD Live platform, we not only custom-branded each event site but AVD Live also served as a gateway to manage everything from meeting registration to authentication, as well as a virtual lobby which helped attendees navigate to the general session and then on to their brand breakout rooms.  From entrance to exit, and every audiovisual touchpoint in between, AVD’s experienced production teams managed the meeting agenda and all of the presenters whose jobs it was to inform, engage, and excite their team members with clarity and cohesiveness. 

AVD helps keep presentations (and presenters) stress-free

Putting state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to work for our clients—for everything from sales meetings to corporate meetings, product launches, virtual awards banquets, advisory boards and more—is a key part of the hard assets we bring to every client project. But that’s not where our support ends. 

For this client, and every client we work with, AVD further excels in helping client presenters put their best effort forward by creating an environment of competence and confidence. Most importantly, that means all of the technical issues that plagued our client’s earlier attempts at these large-scale virtual sales meetings was eliminated, as was the stress that accompanied them.  

The same goes for the meeting presenters, every one of whom gets a creative assist from AVD to ensure  that their presentations are well-rehearsed and further refined with the help of AVD’s creative and production teams. When it comes to important messaging that needs to be delivered around the country and around the globe, AVD’s perfect audiovisual production capabilities leave no room for message confusion.  

Indeed, when you work with AVD you have access to more than our technical audiovisual prowess. Our approach for every client assignment is to take stress off the client. This means not only managing every aspect of the technology, but also helping presenters rehearse and feel comfortable knowing that every step in the meeting script will be handled seamlessly. Our clients rely on AVD to ensure that every possible technical aspect of their meeting or event is hashed out, rehearsed, lighted, sound-checked, and cued-up like a Hollywood production. 

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