A Remote Option is Always Available with AVD

AVD has “Remote-Ready” (Hybrid) Options for all Corporate Meeting & Events 

As more companies gain the confidence to again bring staff together for in-person events, AVD is bridging the obstacles that curtailed full attendance onsite and online with effective two-way virtual communications, making time and place immaterial. 

Managing large corporate events requires sophisticated technical audio visual capabilities and a dedicated team of professionals that are highly flexible. AVD can seamlessly blend in-person and remote participants no matter how disparate their locations, or how complex the production requirements. 

More AV Capabilities means fewer meeting absences

When planning an event, you never know what might happen. Circumstances can change or some individuals may not be able to attend as planned. For these scenarios, clients can take a lot of comfort in knowing that robust digital engagement is here to stay in the corporate event space. No matter where or when a meeting is planned on the company calendar, AVD can help you ensure that greater participation and attendance are never more than a click away.  

“Whether for sales meetings, product launches, advisory boards or other company business, nothing can surpass the level of engagement of in-person participation,” said Steve Levin, AVD’s director of business development. “However, when distance, scheduling, or other challenges prevent a presenter or attendee from attending, AVD has right-sized solutions for these individuals to actively participate remotely.”

Seamless AV productions – as close to in-person as possible

The next chapter in corporate AV productions is happening now at AVD. With back and forth two-way communication, Q&A sessions and other audience participation segments can feel like face-to-face encounters with normal eye contact and more natural conversation.  To achieve this desired flow, AVD project managers craft the best solution for your event utilizing state of the art technology and equipment. “Adding to the level of engagement, we’re adding more access to the audio and visual components which means everyone in attendance can be seen and heard. This allows for a fluid dialogue between panelists and audience members,” Levin said.

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